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What next after TPS ends for El Salvador

The Trump is ending temporary protected status for people from El Salvador, forcing nearly 200,000 to leave when the United States by September 2019 or face deportation.

What will happen to El Salvador when the U.S ends the protected status of Salvadoran immigrants?

On January this year the Trump administration announced that it will end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for immigrants from El Salvador. TPS allows an estimated 200,000 Salvadorans to live and work in the United States. Like immigrants around the glove, Salvadorans send home remittances – a portion of their paychecks goes back to their county of origin, usually to help family members.

If the TPS program ends in September 2019, as currently planned, there are concerns that a drop in these remittances could result in increased poverty in El Salvador. In 2017, Salvadorans sent back an estimated %5.02 billion, 18.3 percent of the country’s GDP, the third-highest share in Latin America behind Haiti and Honduras, which are also TPS countries.

By deporting 200,000 Salvadorans, Trump may be boosting gang recruitment.

Salvadorans largely spend these funds on basic needs, along with health and education expenses. With remittances so important to the country’s social and economic life, what are the political ramifications? What are the choices for Salvadorans after TPS ends?

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