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Immigration costing U.S. taxpayers

Operating shelters for migrant children is a billion-dollar business. This last invasion of migrant children will cost the taxpayers billions. This will be added to the $17 billion already the government is paying out for immigration.

This is a good example how ineffective our politicians have been when facing a problem costing the citizens, they haven’t the guts do something, just let it slide, the citizens will take care of it.

Congress after Congress, president, after president, failed to face the immigration problem head on. They always shoved it to the citizens, and the costs keep going up each year. The CEO for the Texas nonprofit operating a shelter was paid $786,000 in 2015, and his compensation nearly doubled to $1.5 million in 2016, according to tax records.

These nonprofit operations, reported by the Houston Chronicle, will be long-term housing for migrants; this doesn’t take in medical, schooling, clothing, money for spending, it will go on and on and increase each year.

If we don’t get that wall built now, America will be a land of migrants, being funded by American taxpayers.

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