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About Us

The Law Office of Marcin Podskarbi was founded by attorney, Marcin Podskarbi. Since the opening of our law office in West Hollywood, we have been devoted in helping individuals and families understand immigration process and get their visas or/and citizenships.

Your Attorney

Marcin Podskarbi has over ten years experience with immigration process. As most of you browsing through our website, Mr. Podskarbi had to struggle with immigration difficulties, which eventually led him to become immigration attorney.


Marcin attended law school in Poland, which he graduated in 2006 and moved to U.S. At first, Marcin studied English in Language System International. After LSI, Marcin got admitted and studied in California Western School of Law in San Diego, where he obtained his LL.M degree in Comparative Law. Next, Marcin finished professional responsibility and ethic course in Florida Coastal School of Law, Jacksonville.


Although, practice of immigration law does not require having bar license of State of California, but “any law license even from another country” Marcin passed California Bar exam, considered the hardest bar exam in U.S. and he also passed very hard Bar exam in Poland. What is exceptional about it is that Marcin has passed both bar exams in two countries in the same year, which is almost impossible!

Through over ten years dealing with immigration process Marcin overseen countless numbers of visas approved for numerous of individuals and families. Marcin has also extensive knowledge of business law and helped created many business entities in US.

What makes Mr. Podskarbi stand out from the rest of immigration attorneys is a fact, that Mr. Podskarbi is also an immigrant, and had to change his U.S. visas and status multiple times, before he established this office.

Thus, whatever immigration issues you are dealing with, chances are Marcin went through it as well! So ask yourself, who will understand you better than a person who was once in your shoes?

Marcin has a license to practice law in all state courts in California, as well as license to practice before California Central District Court. He is also a member of Los Angeles County Bar Association and a member of Beverly Hills Bar Association.

Marcin is currently residing in Los Angeles, where he oversees the operations of his West Hollywood law office.

Applying Resources, Knowledge And Creativity To Helping You Succeed

At The Law Office of Marcin Podskarbi we care deeply about our clients and about protecting their rights. Because of this, we have structured our practice on the foundations of:

  • Advanced knowledge in the field of immigration and naturalization
  • Compassion and dedication for our clients
  • Thorough and complete preparation for every case
  • Creative tactics for challenging issues
  • Willingness to help people with difficult and challenging cases
  • An ethical and responsible practice

Dedicated To Achieving The Best Possible Outcome for You

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